The Responsible Timber Trade Fair will connect buyers and sellers of legal and certified timber products, focusing on West African timber. The event will be held in AccraGhana, 28 February – 2 March 2018, at the Ghana International Trade Fair, a multi-purpose international trade fair. The trade fair is organized in collaboration with the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) of the Ghana Forestry Commission.

Why should you join us in Accra, Ghana in February 2018?

  • Come and promote your legal and certified timber products in the international market
  • Come and source timber products from legal suppliers in the West African region
  • Network, make new connections and have exclusive B2B meetings with potential partners
  • Learn about the latest trends in West African timber trade from leading experts
  • Learn the latest status of the VPA process in West African countries
  • Join us for a field trip to a timber factory



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Promote your legal and certified timber products to the European, US, and Chinese markets; raise your company’s profile, meet new clients and generate new business.


Leading experts will speak about trends in West African timber trade, international markets and buyers’ requirements; and the importance of legality in the timber sector.


There will be hands-on demonstrations of the BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange and its Due Diligence and Risk Assessment system, giving participants the opportunity to navigate the platform and start using the exchange.

B2B meetings

Book One2One meetings with buyers and producers. 

Field trip

Visit to a local timber factory.



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Responsible Timber Exchange

BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange

BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange is an online negotiations platform designed to promote the trading of legal and responsible timber products in a simple and efficient way, integrated with a Due Diligence and Risk Assessment system.  Its use is free of charge and facilitates compliance with legislation, such as the EU Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act (see video).

BVRio Due Diligence and Risk Assessment System

BVRio Due Diligence and Risk Assessment system assists timber traders to evaluate the supply chain of each timber consignment traded, facilitating compliance with the EU Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act.

To learn more, watch BVRio’s Due Diligence video.

Practical guides to conducting due diligence of tropical timber products

Download publications

The objective of this series of practical guides is to summarise the main documents that need to be collected, and how to interpret them, in order to conduct due diligence of timber consignments to be imported from different countries into the US and European markets. It also provides a summary of the main risks associated with timber legality that the due diligence must address, for different countries. To date, BVRio published two guides. The first one assesses Brazil and Ghana, the second one assesses Liberia.

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